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The Devil Amongst Us
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The Devil Amongst Us

I was watching the TV news one evening, as the home of a suspected child abuser was marched on by a group of women. They were holding placards reading, ‘Mothers against paedophiles’. They stormed the man’s house, until he was forced to leave, pulling his coat over his head so he couldn’t be seen. The protestors declared victory; the alleged offender had been hounded out of their neighbourhood. But as I watched the news report, I didn’t share a sense of triumph with those other mothers. Instead of chasing away the abuser, I wanted to walk up to him, pull the coat from his hidden face, sit down and talk. I wanted to find out why he did it. Only by first knowing, could we begin to tackle the crime.

In The Devil Amongst Us, I meet and talk to a number of men who are self-confessed paedophiles. It is a disturbing film. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look. Because only by looking, can we really learn.

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