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What I'm writing articles about now

An Unshakeable Delusion
School For Scandal
See It My Way
Dream On
The School We'd Like
Future Perfect
My Child, The Fire Risk
It Needs To Be Stopped Full Stop
An End To Apartheid Schooling
The Snapped Mast Says It All
An Unknown Hero


These are some of the articles I consider my best:

An Unshakeable Delusion (about Hamilton accuser Nadine Milroy Sloan)

School for Scandal (about a school being boycotted because it admitted Gypsy children)

See It My Way (about autism)

School I'd Like

I was involved in the School I’d Like competition, when tens of thousands of children described – in words, pictures, videos and models – the school of their dreams. Their entries gave a unique insight into what our schools lack, and what they might be. From them, the Childrens Manifesto was drawn up – a blueprint for a school of the future.

Dream On

The School We’d Like

Future Perfect

Opinion Pieces

I also relish writing opinion pieces, as there’s nothing like stirring up debate. Here’s a few of them:

My Child, The Fire Risk (on health and safety excuses prejudicing disabled people)

It Needs To Be Stopped Full Stop (on the NSPCC)

An End To Apartheid Schooling (on why private schools should be abolished)

The Snapped Mast Says It All (on why we all can’t all be recordbreakers)

An Unknown Hero (on true heroism)

I am also a columnist for the Health Service Journal.

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